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Ancient China is filled with tales of Taoist adepts who had miraculous powers. While some of these old stories seem far-fetched to the modern mind, and some may indeed be generously embellished, there lie kernels of truth within the pulp. One such popular Taoist practice that has made headway into our modern world is the art of tai chi chuan (note that this is also spelled “taijiquan” in pinyin romanization).

Millions worldwide use this sophisticated, yet simple practice as a holistic health activity, and some use it as a martial arts discipline. No matter for which one you use it, it helps to cultivate the human’s least-developed sense of our “five senses” – the sense of “touch.” Actually, not the sense of touch as that limited to reflex-level pressure, pain or temperature; instead, it develops our kinesthetic and proprioceptive capacities. “Kinesthetic” refers to keen awareness of the position and movement of your body, and “proprioceptive” refers to the awareness of the stimuli in your body and your environment, and what you do with that sensory information. Engaging in a meditiative, dedicated and consistent practice of tai chi helps take these rather weak “touch” senses and vitalizes them into powerhouse skills. These invigorated skills are thought to be the bridge to heightened powers of intuition and manifestation.

While this may sound a little “far out,” please allow me to illustrate why this is actually quite rational. Let’s consider the following fact. Our mind determines how we feel and how we move our body. That right there is a perfect example of using your mind to manifest something in the physical world. The interface to the physical world is your body. Before you physically manifest getting up out of your chair to walk over to the door, you must first intend it in our mind. Your mind then creates a game plan – in a split second – of how you will play this out. Which leg, which arm you will move, which direction you will go… all of this was laid out in a mental blueprint (the non-physical aspect of yourself) before it even got to your muscles (the physical aspect of yourself). The event manifests in your mind instantly, but it takes at least several seconds or minutes before your body can fully play out the entire event in the physical world. There is a lag time between the mental blueprint and the physical manifestation of that blueprint.

“Manifestation” is a hot topic in today’s self-development literature. Not too long ago, it was relegated to the backseat of science – belonging more to the realm of metaphysics and new age studies. However, as our knowledge of the mind/body connection matures, we can see how something as the example above is simply a mundane example of the art of manifestation.

At a higher level, experts mention that how you focus your mind and how strongly and efficiently you do so will lead you to carry out actions that increase your opportunities for your manifested intent to occur in the physical world. You’ll also attract very supportive energies to you. Traditional tai chi offers special training techniques that laser-focus your mind with synchronous movements of your body. That’s why throughout the centuries, those who practice these tai chi techniques have exhibited amazing skill and longevity, along with a higher quality of life. They were engaging in a turbo-charges practice of manifestation.

This is the little secret that so few tai chi practitioners don’t use, however. They don’t realize that they can take a lot of tai chi’s mind and energy techniques and apply them for manifesting a situation in their life to occur. The way to do this is to focus on developing the “yi,” or “spirit intent,” as it is roughly translated from Chinese.

The problem is that most people get overly attached to memorizing tai chi’s movements and physical techniques instead of putting in the effort to suffuse those movements with strong meditative “yi.” When folks understand and use yi, they start manifesting the energetic aspects of tai chi deeper. These energetic aspects include: stronger “qi” life-fore (vitality), wisdom, heightened artistic or problem-solving skills, inner peace, and spiritual wisdom. Those energies become heightened beyond that of the average person.

So if “manifesting” works for average folks, just imagine what can be accomplished if you use tai chi to develop your energy. The biggest problem is getting yourself to stay committed to the disciplined meditation and “qi” training of traditional tai chi. If you can make that the priority over just memorizing some physical skills and movements, you will then possess turbo-charged manifesting skills. Then, follow any book or program about manifesting or the law of attraction, and meticulously apply your newfound abilities there. Put in a little consistent effort, and fasten your seatbelt – you’re in for the ride of your life!

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