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gaming headsetgaming headset

gaming headsetgaming headset

About Anivia

With over years of professional production experience and strong technical force,is outstanding in the circle of gaming peripherals,devoting whole life to provide highest standard and professional gaming accessories. We devote ourselves to research the stereo gaming headset which can take gaming experience to a higher level.

Anivia gaming headset has completely protects circuit and every wired gaming headset we ships out undergoes strict quality checks. We offer a free replacement policy. Totally no worries for you!

gaming headsetgaming headset

gaming headsetgaming headsetgaming headsetgaming headset

gaming headset

gaming headset

gaming headset

gaming headset

gaming headset

gaming headset

Excellent Multiple Platform Compatibility

Plug &play, no driver needed. This gaming headset with a 3.5mm audio jack.This headset is suitable for computers, but also for most 3.5mm interface audio devices, such as Walkman, mobile phones, iPad, etc.

Humanized Design, Built to Stay Comfortable

The softly padded retractable headband design allows you to find the perfect fit without constraint and provide excellent durability, suits all gamers at any age. The synthetic leather-wrapped ear-cushions is thicker and bigger which ensures play-all-night comfort! PLUG & PLAY: No setup or installation necessary.

50mm pqwerful driver

50mm high-fidelity neodymium speaker, high sound sensitivity, competent for various game sound ranges.

gaming headsetgaming headset

gaming headsetgaming headset

Does not Suitable for the old Xbox one

If your console is Xbox one, you need to confirm your version. The Gaming Headset Sades R17 can perfectly fit for New version Xbox one which has 3.5MM interface. For the old version Xbox one (2016 Before), need an extra Microsoft Adapter, this Adapter is not included.

extra Microsoft Adapter is required (Not Included) whenconnecting with an OLD VERSION Xbox One controller.

Humanized Designs

The powerful sound drivers are spacious and can give you a nice punch that will make you feel like you are within the game itself. Proper distortion to restore a more primitive sound field, powerful drive effect allows you to immerse in the exciting game world. Updated memory-protein earmuff & snug pads fit with head completely. With high quality Mic, you can talk on line with your game partner or family with crystal clear sound. The best choice for yourself and your friends/kids is here.

PS4/ PS 4 Pro

Xbox One/ Xbox One S

Nintendo Switch

PC/ Laptop/ Smartphone

Other 3.5MM Audio Devices

gaming headsetgaming headset

The scope of application and instructions for use:

1.This headset is suitable for computers, but also for most 3.5mm interface audio devices, such as Walkman, mobile phones, iPad, etc.

2.The left side of the earphone is the side where the earphone wire and microphone are located; when wearing, the side of the wire should be worn on the left side of the ear.

3.When using the 1to2 adapter, the headset logo corresponds to the computer green jack, and the microphone logo corresponds to the computer red jack.

4.When using the microphone function, make sure that the built-in microphone of the computer is turned on and the recording level is not less than 50%. You can turn on the volume mark in the lower right corner of the computer screen to set.

TRUE SURROUND SOUND EFFECT FOR IMMERSIVE GAMING EXPERIENCE–Anivia gaming headset adopt superior 50mm high-fidelity neodymium speaker with advanced audio techniques. It delivers quality simulated sound to enhance the immersive gaming experience. High-fidelity large dynamic microphone to ensure smooth communication between team operations, you can be better to make out the direction from which the sound is coming.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN & LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIAL FOR ALL-DAY COMFORT–Using self-adjusting padding headband & all-cover ear cups with soft memory foam,Anivia gaming headset presents the ultra-comfortable wearing experience. The soft ear cups with bionic protein cushion coat covers your ears gently. Thanks to its lightweight flexible plastic material.The soft belt head beam, suitable for players to wear for a long time
MULTI-PLATFORM COMPATIBILITY FOR PLUG AND PLAY–Anivia gaming headset works on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (audio), Nintendo New 3DS LL/3DS (audio), Nintendo 3DS LL/3DS (audio), Windows PC, Mac OS PC, iOS device and Android device. Xbox One headset adapter might be needed. With Anivia gaming headset, gamer can always enjoy a immersive gaming experience no matter in which platform. Plug and play
NOISE CANCELING & ANTI-STATIC MICROPHONE FOR CRYSTAL-CLEAR COMMUNICATION–The gaming headset has a sensitive adjustable microphone using noise canceling techniques. It filters most environmental noise around you and provide real-in-time talking without any delay. Anti-static tech inside gaming headphones prevent static sound from happening. You can chat to your fellow players with crystal clarity sound and enjoy a smooth team-work play
DURABLE AND RESISTANT BRAIDES WIRE–High end fashion braided wire, durable and stretch resistant, effectively reducing the resistance brought by the outside world.And Equipped with remote control, it is convenient for the player to control with any hand type, and it is more handy in the game.

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