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La Quinceanera is also known as Mis Quince in many areas. This celebration marks the fifteenth birthday of a young Hispanic woman. Much like a mix between the Bat Mitzvah and a Sweet Sixteenth celebration this can be a very big event. Families are known to save up money long before the fifteenth birthday in order to make this the most lavish celebration ever. Lavish it can be, too. The Quinceanera can involve live bands, limousines, flowers, catered food, and lots of gifts. Its traditional for the young woman celebrating her fifteenth to pick out a very elegant ball gown dress for the occasion. She’ll also carry a bouquet of flowers. The friends and family members will also dress up for the quinceanera, but the birthday girl can’t be outshined by anyone.

La Quinceanera comes from the Spanish for the fifteenth birthday, and as mentioned before its commonly celebrated in Hispanic cultures in places like Mexico and South America. It’s also a spiritual celebration for everyone involved with the party. A church service is held before the party where the pastor speaks about the importance of the Quinceanera tradition. The young woman speaks about her hopes and dreams for the future and her parents speak about their happiness for her and what she brought into their lives.

Of course after all this heartfelt, teary eyed honesty, its time to party. In old tradition the entire group follows the party girl through the town in parade formation to where the party takes place. Now, though its more likely to be a parade of cars. At the party the fifteen year old will have her traditional ‘first’ coed dance with a boy, signaling that she is growing up. Then others join her on the dance floor for some fun and possibly to earn some dance floor prizes.

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