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After 7, X and X2 are the top-selling Final Fantasy games ever. Now, fans of Final Fantasy X-X2 will be glad to know that both entries into the franchise are being remastered with current high-definition technology.

FF X is the only installment in the franchise to have had a direct sequel. The characters players came to know in love in X were brought back in X2. The story takes place in the fantasy world of Spira. The hero, Tidas, is a Blitzball star that finds himself hurled into Spira after his home world was destroyed a thousand years in the past. It was destroyed by an evil force known as SIN. Now the people of Spira find SIN to be a growing threat as well.

There has been a long line of summoners trying to bring SIN down for centuries. The high summoner Tidus meets in Spira is the main female protagonist, Yuna. The two of them work with friends to save the world.

Like other Final Fantasy games, players get to play from the points of view of several characters instead of just one. Being able to play as female characters as well as male makes the games appealing to all players. In FF X, the journey begins with Tidus. In FF X2, the journey begins with Yuna two years after the events of X.

While some have called the plot over-convoluted, there is no denying that the game is fun to play. The world is fun to be a part of. Even without the high-definition, the world in the original games still looks amazing. Final Fantasy games have always had long, complex stories, and that’s precisely why so many people enjoy playing. It can take well over fifty hours of gameplay to finally beat the game. Players can go at their own paces. Side missions and mini-games are always fun distractions from the main storyline. And of course, a FF game wouldn’t be a FF game without optional bosses that are even harder to defeat than the main boss at the end.

In addition to being remastered in high definition, Square-Enix has also revered that the upcoming Final Fantasy X-X2 re-release will include music arrangements by Masashi Hamauzu. There will be approximately 60 songs altogether.

Limited Edition copies will be available. They come with an exclusive concept artbook, which features a collection of concept art and commentary from the original X – X2 development teams. This is something that no hardcore FF fan should miss!

The upcoming Final Fantasy X-X2 HD will give the younger generation of players a chance to experience the story for the first time, as well as giving older players a chance to experience it all over again.

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