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If you haven’t found it yet, feng shui, the ancient art of energy flow, will help you find your personal Fountain of Youth as you launch your journey of awareness through the waters of time. Your ability to flow in the world will keep you from feeling stuck, stuck in your work, stuck in clutter, stuck in attachments, and stuck with blockages of any kind.

Feng shui is all about correlating person and place, the body and your home, the inner and outer environment. In this intimate correlation, the water element regulates all aspects of flow and movement. Considering that “feng” means wind and “shui” means water, it’s important to understand that both words indicate movement and both are catalysts for change. Feng shui detests anything stale, stagnant or stuck. Symbolic feng shui equates water with money, therefore cash registers by the entry of restaurants are expected to create healthy cash flow. Water is usually the element germane to entryways which is where we find fountains and often fu dogs as guardians for protection.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) the kidneys are the gateways to all other organs. They are the officials that do energy work and protect passage of vital essence. They clean and purify the blood and are responsible for fluidity and lubrication. The adrenals, just above, are the officials for energy management, and the bladder, just below, is the storage unit that controls adaptability. These are components that are useful for comparison and offer helpful guidelines in creating healthy qi in our homes. Cleaning out overstuffed closets and cupboards will create space for healthy flow, openness and opportunities.

If we put on feng shui goggles and stroll through our interiors or gardens, we want to think about harmonious energy flow. We want to be on a gentle pathway like a slowly meandering river. Nothing should hinder our movement, nothing should stand in the way, and we should not stumble or trip over anything or encounter any kind of sha qi disturbing our vision.

On this journey through our space, we hope to find focal points that we can associate with the various bagua sectors and their specific life references. If we have a wall facing us at the entrance, for example, we could symbolically expand our vision with the vanishing point perspective of a landscape painting, or we could find meaning in a seascape that has our ship coming in, bringing wealth and prosperity. We should have a spacious area at our entry, something feng shui calls “the bright hall,” where beneficial energy can collect and flow in all directions. And never should there be stuff behind the door that would keep it from opening completely.

As we navigate further into our space, we check for narrow passages where we might feel squeezed and our energy flow confined. Hanging a mirror would expand our perception, reflect light and perhaps a pleasant view. If we find ourselves speeding up or rushing forward, we might be in a corridor that is too long and too straight and therefore considered inauspicious feng shui.

In this watery search for the fountain of youth, we might have discovered that feng shui always desires balance, and since the kidneys are governed by both yin and yang, it is imperative that neither is deficient or excessive. Knowing what to emphasize and what to play down is crucial in honoring the role of the kidneys. They are at the base of our structure, responsible for healthy bones and marrow, and they like to be warm.

Germination, embryonic development and growth all need to be nurtured in a fluid warm environment. Perhaps we find our fountain of youth in the vital essence and the energy source of the kidneys so that our life can be fluid, filled with things, relationships, events and prosperity and not stuck in attachments and unsatisfying results. Feng shui is a pattern in motion with ongoing opportunities to discover its secrets as we ride the tides of the five element cycle.

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Source by Gabriele Van Zon