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Asking someone to be your boyfriend is an important event that you should really prepare for. There is nothing wrong with girls doing the asking, especially if you are going to ask in the cutest way ever. It is impossible for your guy not to say yes to you if you try time-tested ideas. If your effort is greater, then you would have a higher chance that he would say yes to you.

Make a scrapbook of your whole dating life together

If you have time, you can come up with a scrapbook with pictures of the fun times you’ve had when you were still getting to know each other. Make sure you include pictures of events that were really memorable, like the first time you actually met or when you had your first movie date. In a colorful page at the end of the album, you can ask him to be your boyfriend.

Ask him while you two are stargazing

Ask him out for a stargazing date, complete with a picnic blanket and wine. Then when you see a star, you can tell him your wish, which is for him to become your boyfriend. For sure, he would find this the sweetest and best surprise ever.

Bake a cookie for him and put a note inside

Similar to a fortune cookie, you can make your own. Bake something that he really likes and find a way on which you can put a note inside. You might want to use a special paper that won’t melt inside the oven but would, instead, melt his heart.

Give him an artwork of his name’s origin

Find out where he got his name and the story behind it. If his name comes all the way from a foreign land, you can give him a painting or a drawing of that place. Upon giving this artwork to him, you can ask him if he could be yours forever.

Ask him through a little cheer you composed

If you are part of the cheerleading team, this would be a breeze to you. Try to come up with a nice cheer, complete with your costume, pompoms and dance moves. Not only will he find this cute but he would also enjoy the sexy cheerleader number.

Write it on the blackboard on his next class

When it is not an issue for you to announce it to the world, you can write it on the blackboard of his next class. Better yet, you can put up a banner with your sweet message for the whole class to see.

Arrange a little game, like a scavenger hunt with your note at the end of the maze

Your guy would definitely enjoy a little game you prepare. Make a scavenger hunt type of activity for him where he can find one clue after the other. Your note asking him to be your boyfriend can be the final message.

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